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I can say to you with complete confidence that the only reason you are reading this article is because you are ready for the message contained within, and if open plus committed, it is bound to impart something to you that will create a massive positive shift in your life. On each further reading you will find deeper and more profound understanding of the concepts presented which will produce further shifts in your recognition of the awareness of who you really are. The only reason you ever come across anything in your life as pointed to in the famous quote by Confucius is literally because you conceive, believe, and achieve it, either consciously or unconsciously, every time, in every situation and for every circumstance. There is no exception to this great universal rule.  
If you are living a mediocre life, you have created it. If you are living a life you love, you have created it and if you are living a life you hate you have also conceived, believed and, created it! The major rub across the board is that most of the time, in at least 95 percent of cases, it is a completely unconscious creation.  
For the most part, our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, are on autopilot generating the outcomes we are experiencing in our lives and we have no idea it is so. To be fair, a growing number of people these days do have increasing knowledge on the subject thanks not only to the massive current Law of Attraction movement, which has been greatly enhanced by the movie ‘The Secret’ but also due to the work of countless masters throughout our recent history. If you have not seen this groundbreaking movie The Secret I suggest you get yourself a copy from here: 

The Law of attraction basically goes like this. The energy we emit out to the universe via our thoughts and feelings is what the universe gives back to us in terms of our life experience. The movie The Secret lays it out beautifully in a very entertaining format, even if it does miss out a little info on the 'requirement of action' side of the story (more on that to be discussed soon)
Regardless of the truth presented in the movie regarding the law of attraction, there is a common misalignment present in many people that can void the whole process immediately. The misalignment is that many of us are nowhere near accepting full and total responsibility for 100 per cent of the outcomes we experience in our reality. This is key to our successful unfolding into an unconditionally happy existence. There can be no major shift without this acknowledgement. Within the framework of your body-mind existence you create 100% of your reality, 100%.
Let me make a very important point here.  There is a much deeper part of you than that which we are speaking about here, a part that is not actually affected by your experience of life whether good or bad, and it is ultimately this untouchable part of you that we are going to uncover through this how to be happy series. However, there is no rush to get there. On the level of your body-mind existence, understanding how you are creating 100% of your experience will be of immense value, and so for now this is where our focus will remain during this article.
Waking up to the fact that you have this immense creative power within you producing every result in your life and truly accepting it wholly is a key component and the first major step in achieving the goal of awakening into your happiness. If you cannot accept that you have created your entire reality and take full responsibility for all of it, 100 per cent, then you will not be able to harness the necessary power to achieve the goal, or for that matter, any of your major goals in life.  
The personal power you give up when you blame outside circumstances for any part of your life experience is, to say the least, immense. You literally hand your unlimited ability to create whatever you want over to the situations you are blaming and it cripples you. In most cases it dooms you to a life way less than ordinary that you think is out of your control. Absolutely anytime you complain about anything that cannot be rectified on the spot, like the meal with a fly in it being replaced at a restaurant for example, you are not accepting your own creation and hence handing over your power to the outside circumstance. That is any complaint whatsoever, no matter how small!  
It’s time for us in growing numbers to untie the shackles and truly open up to our unlimited power. In turn, help co-create a brand new, fresh global experience of life on earth.
I am sure you have heard of the fact that we humans at present are only using a fraction of the massive capacity of our brain through our daily use of the 5 senses. I am sure you have also heard from quite a few sources other than this one that we have the power to control our thoughts, its not ground breaking news anymore, thank God, it has reached the masses. Also you may have heard that it is our thoughts that produce our feelings in every instance and therefore we ultimately have control of over our feelings. This of course goes a bit deeper but non-the less it is easily accessible information.  
That last point is worth stating again. Our thoughts create our feelings every time! Once you rise to this level of awareness you can no longer use the all to common excuse ‘I can’t help the way I feel’. This statement is without a doubt completely self defeating and totally incorrect on the mind-body level. It is just another complaint and covers up your personal power. You have total control of your feelings at all times whether you know or like it or not. This is not to say negative feelings are bad though. Things start to get quite subtle here but all will become clearer as we move through the series.  
Also becoming quite common knowledge as discussed above is that our feelings are what the universe or god is responding to in delivering to us our present reality and experience of life. You really don’t need to look to far to find this information, it’s all around you and very liberating to explore. There is heaps of recommendations in the members area of our site.  
So it follows then that if we spend the time harnessing the inbuilt power we have to curve our thoughts then in turn we manage our feelings and emotions and then finally our reality and experience of life. The fact that we are being shown and waking up to these concepts is fantastically exciting! Our brains capacity is being tapped by this awareness. It is a real opportunity for us to dive far deeper and deeper into the possibilities that are available to us as human beings with these big old brains that are virtually 90% under utilized.  
The real reality is that by curving our thoughts and therefore our minds we literally start to access new parts of our brain chemistry that has been designed in ways we can’t even fathom at this time. We don’t even know what we are truly capable of. Already through embracing the concepts mentioned above and putting them into practice in their lives there is all kind and manner of examples out there of fellow humans achieving all kinds of so called miracles that are not miracles at all but rather the logical response from the universe to the conscious practical use of these understandings. You too have exactly the same capacity to achieve these miracles in your life and can begin to do so now, no matter where you are or what your situation is.  
This series outlines a process by which you can obtain unconditional happiness, and within that, everything you desire for your life on earth. The very first step in this process is to understand your creative power and accept full responsibility for your life's outcomes. You are the magnificent creator of it all!  
The process of attaining conscious control of this god given power to create our reality exactly as we want it is outlined in different ways by many modern day masters on the subject. (Who by the way are alive and well among us and, as mentioned, very easy to find) The processes are not rocket science by any means. Once you understand, accept and apply some pretty basic yet of course profound natural laws of the universe on a consistent basis in your life you are well on your way with swift and outstanding results, every time.  
The majority of these modern day masters all agree that no more effort is required to live a fully abundant and fulfilling life than is required to live a life of misery and poverty. In fact it actually takes much less effort once you get past the initial work of gaining control of your mind and unleashing the power in your emotions.  
To help you fully appreciate and understand your power as the creator of your every experience, let me give you the answer to a very important question. Namely, ‘what is it we are all doing here on this planet?’ Once you have a clear understanding to the answer of this timeless question it follows that you will be extremely passionate and enthusiastic to get on with it, move forward, claim your divine power and ignite your own world.  
To put it very simply, we are here, as an intimate and an extremely important part of the expansion of the universe.  
The human species is constantly evolving. The majority accepts this much. However, what is not considered is that this evolution is happening not only on the physical level but also on the energetic levels of mind and spirit and this is our divine part played in the epic expansion of the universe. We are here to that end!  
By you conceiving of the un-conceived and dreaming dreams for your life that have never been dreamed you are literally engaged in the positive expansion of the universe. If you can grasp this truth you can see that to fully engage in the reason for your existence it is ok that you start to dream really big!  
Bear in mind though that whether or not you achieve your biggest dreams, the expansion is still happening and you are always participating in it, you are a part of it, and conscious recognition of that fact is the real juice! In the end, any achievement material or otherwise will not be what fulfills you, it will be you’re in the moment recognition that you are channeling the energy of life that fulfills you. More on this later.  
As the universe continues to expand like it has been from the moment of the big bang, it not only expands physically outward from that central point but it also expands outward on every conceivable and inconceivable level of consciousness. It is expanding and growing in an endless quest to know itself in its infinite possible forms and manifestations.  
As human beings think big, brand new concepts are continually discovered and in turn brand new achievements constantly reached. It has been this way for us since our time began and I suggest this is not a small or insignificant aspect of the expansion of the universe. We are talking about the expansion of thought frequencies and their consequent physical manifestations. The power of our thought energy is far greater than any other form of energy used or witnessed by humans and possibly even far greater than any other form of energy existing in the universe, and the best thing is. You are its master, not the other way around! You are the consciousness before the thought arises.  
Did you know that it takes 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach the earth? That is outstandingly fast right? Well consider this. It takes no time at all for you to hold a picture of the sun in your mind. It is instant, its way beyond even the concept of fast! Thought is undoubtedly powerful beyond our understanding and when you start to consciously use your thought power to generate the manifestation of your ultimate dream lifestyle and accomplishment of your life’s purpose you will see it in awesome action for yourself. There is much orthodox scientific research into the power of the mind of which you will easily find if so desired. It is not my intention to reproduce a vast array of examples here as proof of the ideas discussed but rather to offer a flow of thought that, when considered with an open mind, will offer a shift in perception and recognition of consciousness to the reader.  
We are truly a major player in the expansion of the universe through this god given capacity to think thoughts and therefore create our reality. This is what is meant in the bible when it says ‘we are created in the image and likeness of god’. This does not mean we are some type of mere shadow of god.  Lets get this straight. You are literally an energetic extension of source energy though which god is experiencing himself. We could say, you are god!
Each and every one of us is, not at the level of our personality but at that deeper level we will be pointing to through this series. From here we have the exact same capacity as god or the universe, whatever you like to call source energy, to create and expand. We have an amazing opportunity here at this time to help ourselves, and our species consciously harness this power and create miracles every moment rather than let thought run wild and cause all types of unconscious havoc. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with unconscious havoc existing, after all the world is a playground for exploration and expansion which cannot help but continue regardless. But, the fantastic truth is that the opportunity to create miracles in our life exists, simply awaiting our attention.  
In his beautiful book ‘As a mam thinketh’ James Allan likens the mind to a garden. He says, ‘A mans mind may be likened to a garden which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild, but whether cultivated or neglected, it must and will bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein and will continue to produce their kind. Just as a gardener cultivates his plot keeping it free from weeds and growing the flowers and fruits which he requires, so may a man tend the garden of his mind. Weeding out all the wrong, useless and impure thoughts and cultivating toward perfection the flowers and fruits of right, useful and pure thoughts. By pursuing this process a man sooner or later discovers that he is the master gardener of his soul, the director of his life.’ You can download a free PDF copy of the eBook
HERE or purchase the audio book from amazon here.

I just love his analogy! Our lives are operating within the laws of nature just as a garden is. We are literally a part of nature ourselves so it follows that we have the laws of nature at our service and also the potential of nature within us at all times. Look around you, there is abundance everywhere, from the number of leaves on the nearest tree to the grains of dust on a dirt floor nature has no trouble spewing forth a ceaseless array of all types of abundance and it has no end. The potential in the seed of the greatest tree has no trouble producing that great tree plus thousands more seeds with ease and grace when given the right conditions. The same is true for us humans, under the right conditions our wildest dreams can be realized with ease and grace. We just need to create those conditions, or said in a better way, allow those conditions.  
The power available to maintain our mind garden truly is there for the taking and you can decide to take it right now, you don’t need to waste another moment.  
If you can truly accept that you are a magnificent creator and literally create 100 per cent of your reality and you can feel the fire of desire burning white hot in your heart to realize and live your life’s purpose and you are hungry enough to make the commitment of lifetime daily recognition, then get excited! Things have already changed and are about to change a whole lot more!  
Until you receive the next edition in this series in a couple of weeks reread this article as many times as you feel inspired too. I also recommend looking at the move The Secret a few times and getting and audio or pdf copy of James Allan’s book As a Man Thinketh. You will find them both below at the links provided again below.

Until then, may you recognise your happiness in each moment!

How To Be Happy | Series One | Article One | You are a Magnificent Creator © 2011