Monthly Meditation

The meditations and exercises posted here for you are not intended to use as a method of reaching or attaining a goal that is not already present but more as ways to regognise what is already here. We are sure you will get a lot out of it, enjoy!



This Months Meditation.

This month we want you to simply focus on the the affirmation

"I am perfect just as I am"

It is very important with affirmations not to be saying them unless they are backed up with the feeling they point to.

With this particular one, before you start saying it to yourself it is recommended to get in the feeling place by truly acknowledging that you have a life force flowing through you that cant be anything but perfect.

Therefore when you say it the focus is not on the 'personality' aspect of yourself but rather on the divine nature at your core.

Write it down and stick somewhere it will catch your attention every day. Every time you remember, say it over to yourself in a relaxed repetition until your attention naturally shifts away from it.